Watching: The Best of Netflix, Hulu and More

We've combed through all the major streaming services to find the best movies and TV shows.

By The Watching Team

Are you looking for a Saturday night movie? A Saturday day show? A weekend binge? Regardless of what streaming service you subscribe to, we’re here to help. We’ve gone through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus to find the best movies and TV shows on each service.


Here’s one of the 50 best movies on Netflix.

Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.”Columbia Pictures

‘Groundhog Day’

It is easy to imagine Bill Murray and the director Harold Ramis taking the premise of a smarmy jerk who relives the same day over and over again and turning it into an ’80s-style “high-concept” comedy, full of wisecracks and silly situations. Instead, they turned it into their generation’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” making a film that is filled with comic invention while vibrating with warmth and humanity (without succumbing to the saccharine). Times film critics Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott recently hosted a rewatch of the film and wrote about it.

These are the 49 other best movies on Netflix.


Or maybe you’re looking for a TV show on Netflix?

From left, Lauren Lapkus, Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres in a scene from “Nailed It! Holiday.”Adam Rose/Netflix

‘Nailed It!’

At once a sly parody and a genuinely exciting example of a TV cooking competition, “Nailed It!” features unskilled amateur bakers trying to make eye-catching gourmet desserts. The pacing is brisk and the challenges are often ludicrous, but what makes this show so funny is that the drama and fanfare concerns some of the ghastliest culinary creations imaginable. Our critic wrote, “As host, the comedian Nicole Byer strikes the perfect balance between encouragement and ridicule, and the competitors’ self-aware humor ensures that the show never feels as if it’s taking cheap shots.”

Here are 49 other fantastic TV shows on Netflix.


Don’t have Netflix?
What about Hulu? You have Hulu?
Here’s one of the best movies on Hulu.

Cho Yeo Jeong in “Parasite.”Neon


The South Korean director Bong Joon Ho, who previously smuggled trenchant class commentary into genre movies like “The Host” and “Snowpiercer,” takes a more direct route with this story of a household of grifters who smooth-talk their way into the home of a clueless upper-class family. What begins as a clever con comedy turns into something much darker (and bloodier), a “brilliant and deeply unsettling” examination of privilege and power, orchestrated by a filmmaker working at the top of his craft; the results were thrilling enough to win not only the Palme d’Or at Cannes, but the first best picture Oscar for a film not in English. (Bong’s earlier “The Host” and “Mother” are also streaming on Hulu.)

You will surely find something to watch on this list of Hulu’s best movies and TV shows.

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? There are many great movies to stream.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in “Fast Color.”

Jacob Yakob/Codeblack Films

‘Fast Color’

Most superhero movies clobber the viewer with special effects, smirking quips, and strained world-building; Julia Hart’s indie drama is barely a superhero movie at all, but a rich, tender character study of three women who just so happen to move objects with their minds. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is remarkable as Ruth, who has smothered her “abilities” in addiction and irresponsibility, returning home to join her mother (Lorraine Toussaint) and daughter (Saniyya Sidney) in an attempt to, well, save the world. Hart’s rich screenplay (written with Jordan Horowitz) vibrates with small-town authenticity and hard-earned emotion; our critic called it “a small, intimate story that hints at much bigger things.”

From “Terms of Endearment” to “Lady Bird,” here are a bunch of great movies on Amazon.

Disney Plus has so many classic animated movies! But there are other things, too. Like this.

Kurt Russell, center, in a scene from “Miracle,” based on the true story of the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team.Chris Large/Walt Disney Pictures


The Disney vault is overloaded with inspirational sports movies, including one where a mule kicks field goals, but “Miracle” stands out as the rare example of real life conforming to feel-good formula. Kurt Russell has the perfect raggedy energy as Herb Brooks, the hockey coach who led an overmatched assemblage of college all-stars to the gold medal over a fearsome Soviet Union squad at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Our critic called the storytelling “rote” but praised Russell’s “cagey and remote performance.”

The 50 best things to watch on Disney Plus right now.


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