Quick win #1 of 5: Indexability

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Quick win #1: indexability
Why should I care about indexability?
Before Google can rank a page, it analyzes it. This phase is called indexing. So if a page is not indexable, it’s very hard for Google to rank it in the search results. Of course, some pages should be ‘not indexable’, because you don’t want them to show in the search results. Such as thank you pages or temporary campaign pages. But for all other pages, you want to make sure that they are indeed indexable.
How can I fix this? 1. Go to: Website Success > Indexability > What is indexable? Here, you have an overview of which parts of your website are indexable and which parts aren’t:
(If you don’t see any screenshots, make sure you’ve turned on images in your email program.)
2. Lower on the page, you get the full list of URLs. Check the right column to see why a URL may not be indexable: 3. Let’s look at the 2 most common reasons in more detail:
1. No index via robots The meta tag “noindex” is part of the head area of your page code. It makes sure that search engines don’t index that page.
It’s possible that this tag is on some pages where it shouldn’t be.
You can easily check this in Ryte: – Go to: Website Success > Indexability > Robots instructions – In the chart, click on the charts that mention ‘noindex’. These now act as filters. – Below, you’ll see a list of URLs that are blocked from indexing because of the meta tag “noindex”. – Go through the list: should these URLs be non-indexable? Great. Should some of these URLs be indexable? Then you can now change the meta tag. – For more details, visit our Ryte wiki page on noindex: https://info.ryte.com/e/597401/consult-utm-content-free-mail2/3xdqpj/509779475?h=p5Tw2hiuoCMMemgEJTb_d4iFZTnNtPRnQFo5RQjuj88
Tip: are you using Yoast SEO? Then you can easily switch this tag on or off: the Yoast knowledge base explains it here: https://info.ryte.com/e/597401/consult-utm-content-free-mail2/3xdqpl/509779475?h=p5Tw2hiuoCMMemgEJTb_d4iFZTnNtPRnQFo5RQjuj88
2. Disallowed via robots.txt
The robots.txt file tells Google which URLs it should and shouldn’t visit. Check your robots.txt file for errors to make sure you’re not blocking Google unintentionally. – Go to Website Success > Indexability > Robots.txt – Click on the first chart: Disallowed. – You now have a list of URLs that are blocked from indexing because of instructions in your robots.txt file. – For more details, visit our Ryte wiki page on robots.txt: https://info.ryte.com/e/597401/consult-utm-content-free-mail2/3xdqpn/509779475?h=p5Tw2hiuoCMMemgEJTb_d4iFZTnNtPRnQFo5RQjuj88
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P.S. Tomorrow, we’ll have a look at how to find and fix critical errors. See you then!
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