Movies Update: ‘Capone,’ ‘Scoob!,’ Streaming Recommendations and More

Plus, celebrating the Cannes that wasn't.

It’s time for another viewing party! We’re feeling loopy and a little loony tunes under lockdown, and bet you are, too. We want to run around in the great outdoors, chase after a pizza-delivery guy and maybe throw a cream pie in someone’s face, all of which happens in the madcap comedy “What’s Up, Doc?”

The dizzy story almost defies synopsis. At its core, though, there’s Ryan O’Neal as Howard Bannister, a sober, bespectacled music professor who arrives in San Francisco with his hilariously no-nonsense fiancée, Eunice Burns (a sublime Madeline Kahn in her feature debut). Their future and the film’s denouement is sealed the minute Judy Maxwell, an anarchic force played by Barbra Streisand, sets her sights on Howard.

What’s up, reader? Does “What’s Up, Doc?” make you laugh or wince or maybe both? If you’re a fan of classic 1930s screwball, do you find the director Peter Bogdanovich’s stylings inspired or inane?

“What’s Up, Doc?” is widely available to rent or buy online; here’s a guide. Please watch it over the weekend and let us know what you think in the comments section of this article. The cutoff for feedback is 6 p.m., Eastern time, Monday. We’ll read what you have to say and publish our thoughts on the film and your observations on Tuesday.





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