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Email : Hello, my name is estefaniaI am a account manager at RedMas, an advertising network with global reach. Through our partnership with Google, we provide publishers the ability to run ads from Google Ad Manager, formally known as Adx or DFP. Ad Manager is Google’s real-time bidding environment for your ad inventory. Each request is auctioned to thousands of CPM ad networks, so you get the best result for every space! Our main formats DISPLAY Large variety of display formats, from classic banners, to native ads and responsive formats. your text here… VIDEO We also have several video formats available, such as pre roll as well as mid and post roll. We also have overlay banners for players. Admanager does not work with youtube or other similar websites. Our other formats APP InterstitialAnchorRewarded Multiplex Native responsive ad format In case you are interested, please feel free to get back to me! Regards
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