Disney shuffles summer movie release dates, First-Ever Walt Disney World License Plate celebrates 50 years..

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» The Disney Blog
Disney has released new information on its plans for upcoming movies like Disney’s Live-Action “Cruella” and Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow.” Both movies will now release in theaters and on the Disney+ streaming service for users with Premi…
− John Frost • 15 hours ago
First-Ever Walt Disney World License Plate celebrates 50 years of magic • 19 hours ago
» Marvel Toy News
Even though we’re almost a full quarter into 2021 now, only two waves of Hasbro Marvel Legends 2021 figures have actually hit stores. That’s a bummer since I like having ample new figures to buy, but I’m also thankful since I’m already way be…
− Dabid K. • 7 hours ago
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Harry Potter
» Harry Potter Folklore – Youtube
− Harry Potter Folklore • 19 hours ago
» Barcelona Navigator
Déu n’hi do This literally means ‘God forbid’, but it used as an exclamation like ‘wow’. Aneu a escampar la boira Literally means ‘go scatter the fog’ and is used to say ‘go away’ or ‘get lost’ to someone. Quatre Gats Literally…
− Dan Blystone • 2 hours ago
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