DC Multiverse Arkham Game Figure Images, Mondo Doom Slayer, Japanese TV Spider-Man Figures, Ahsoka Heading To The Mandalorian Disney+ Series And More

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** New DC Multiverse 7″ Arkham Video Game Batman And Joker Figures Official Images (https://toynewsi.com/10-35939) ———————————————————— https://toynewsi.com/10-35939 We have new official images for the upcoming DC Multiverse 7″ Arkham video game Batman and Joker figures coming from McFarlane Toys. Head over to ToyNewsi for more details and images (https://toynewsi.com/10-35939)
** One:12 Collective Planet of the Apes (1968): Dr. Zaius Official Images And Details (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110488-one12-collective-planet-of-the-apes-1968-dr-zaius-official-images-and-details/) ———————————————————— https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110488-one12-collective-planet-of-the-apes-1968-dr-zaius-official-images-and-details/ Leading member of the Ape National Assembly, the One:12 Collective Dr. Zaius is outfitted in a tunic shirt and overcoat with embossed detailing, and pleated pants. Included is a miniature polystone Lawgiver statue, the central orangutan prophet deity. The Chief Defender of Faith comes with a range of accessories as seen in the film such as a human doll, walking cane, two Sacred Scrolls, and a paper airplane. Head over to ToyNewsi for more details and images (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110488-one12-collective-planet-of-the-apes-1968-dr-zaius-official-images-and-details/)
** DOOM SLAYER 1/6 Scale Figure First Look From Mondo (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110572-doom-slayer-16-scale-figure-first-look-from-mondo/) ———————————————————— https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110572-doom-slayer-16-scale-figure-first-look-from-mondo/ Mondo has released images giving us our first look at their upcoming 1/6 scale Doom Slayer figure from the newly released Doom: Eternal game. Head over to ToyNewsi for more images and details (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110572-doom-slayer-16-scale-figure-first-look-from-mondo/)
** Tamashii Nations Doing Japanese Spider-Man Live-Action TV Series Figures (https://forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170523-tamashii-nations-doing-japaneese-spider-man-live-action-tv-series-figures/) ———————————————————— https://forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170523-tamashii-nations-doing-japaneese-spider-man-live-action-tv-series-figures/ Images have surfaced online giving us our first at new figures from Tamashii Nations based on the Japanese Spider-Man Live-Action TV Series that originally aired overseas in the late 70’s. Head over to MarvelousNews for more details and images (https://forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170523-tamashii-nations-doing-japaneese-spider-man-live-action-tv-series-figures/)
** Marvel Minimates Series 80 From DST (https://forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170520-marvel-minimates-series-80-from-dst/) ———————————————————— https://forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170520-marvel-minimates-series-80-from-dst/ A Diamond Select Toys Release! A milestone has been reached! After 80 years of Marvel Comics, the Marvel Minimates line celebrates its 80th series at comic shops! Featuring an espionage theme, Series 80 features various spies, ex-spies and secret agents, including Stealth Iron Man with the Ghost, Spider-Woman with Constrictor, and Mockingbird with Deathlok. Head over to MarvelousNews for more details and images (http://hhttps//forums.marvelousnews.com/forums/topic/2170520-marvel-minimates-series-80-from-dst/)
** Ahsoka Tano Heading To The Live-Action Mandalorian TV Series For Season 2 (https://jediinsider.com/243-21779) ———————————————————— https://jediinsider.com/243-21779 Actress Rosario Dawson (Daredevil) will be taking up the role of Jedi Ahsoka Tano in the second season of the Disney+ Mandalorian series. Head over to Jediinsider for more details (https://jediinsider.com/243-21779)
** Masterpiece MP-38+ Burning Convoy in-Hand Images (https://tformers.com/masterpiece-mp-38-burning-convoy-in-hand-images/36535/news.html) ———————————————————— https://tformers.com/masterpiece-mp-38-burning-convoy-in-hand-images/36535/news.html Get a look at new in-hand images of the Masterpiece MP-38+ Burning Convoy figure coming from Takara Tomy Head over to TFormers for more details and images (https://tformers.com/masterpiece-mp-38-burning-convoy-in-hand-images/36535/news.html)
** The Loyal Subjects WWE Wave 2 Figures (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110611-the-loyal-subjects-wwe-wave-2-figures/) ———————————————————— https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110611-the-loyal-subjects-wwe-wave-2-figures/ Listen here all you Hulkamaniacs! Play out your favorite moments of Wrestlemania III! Fully poseable Action Vinyls, the World’s Greatest Action Figure with nearly 2,000 characters to date! This WWE offering is packed with Legends; Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Ric Flair! Whooooo! They might be mini but they pack a punch! 13 pts of articulation, killer sculpt details, killer paint details, and all the stylings from your favorite WWE wrestlers, and they include a Collector Card in each pack! Guaranteed to fly off the shelves. Don’t get caught flat footed, body slammed, jack-hammered, and twisted into a figure 4 leg lock! Jump into the sand pit with these wrestling legends…only the bold play, so play hard! Head over to ToyNewsi for more images and details (https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2110611-the-loyal-subjects-wwe-wave-2-figures/)
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